Following the recent announcement from the Prime Minister regarding the implementation of a new national lockdown and that everyone must once again ‘stay home’ other than for what is classed as ‘essential’, I have taken the very difficult and agonising decision to close our church buildings for public worship until further notice. Whilst the latest rules state that churches can stay open for communal worship with strict social distancing in place I do not feel this is a logical way forward when clearly the intention is to minimise indoor meeting and reduce the risk of spreading a virus which is clearly moving at a very fast pace. To this end I feel there is no real alternative option but to close our buildings. I understand that this will sit better with some than others, as I said when we moved into tier 4 restrictions at the end of December, however, the tier 4 restrictions are no longer relevant and I believe we have to be seen to lead by example in restricting indoor gathering of people from different households and help protect the NHS and each other.
This has not been an easy decision to make and I will continue to monitor the situation and review as necessary and hope that it will not be too long before we are able to come together and worship together as a family again.
We will now move to online worship only until things have improved.
With my best wishes
Rev Ian