Following the announcement last week we are looking forward to being able to welcome people back for public worship this coming Sunday, 5th July.

The current guidance around funerals remains in place and there is specific guidance for weddings.
For Sunday worship the current guidance says that ‘the numbers for worship would differ depending on context’. Whilst it may have been more helpful to have guidance on specific numbers for now, obviously all churches are different.
Over the next few days we will be looking carefully at what we consider to be a safe and welcoming environment in St Paul’s, taking into account the new ‘1 metre plus’ social distancing guidelines and continued hygiene measures. We are also still awaiting guidance regarding what format worship may take and if singing is permitted.
This is quite a big task to make sure we get everything right as we prepare to re-open our doors, and as a result it may well be that at this stage we may only be in a position to re-open St Paul’s Seaton this week with St Peter’s Camerton opening on the first Sunday in August.
It may well be that, with regard to numbers, we offer 2 services at St Paul’s on a Sunday morning with a suitable gap in between. Should this be the case we will be asking people to indicate their choice of time to help with planning and preparation.
We hope to be able to give further updates over the next few days.
We recognise that for some people returning to the church building immediately may be something they are not comfortable with yet and with this in mind we will continue to livestream the 9.30 service for the time being.
Please share this and future updates with those who don’t have access to social media or the internet. It is important that everyone is aware of the changes that are happening.
Rev Ian