Those who follow the daily COVID-19 news briefings will be aware that Places of Worship have been included in the group phase alongside the leisure industry with an earliest date of re-opening to the public of 4th July. It is quite likely that as and when decisions are made there will be restrictions in place regarding social distancing, numbers attending, use or non-use of hymn books and service books and cleaning. Like everywhere else it is vitally important that the health and safety of everyone comes first and we will follow all the guidance and advice that is give to ensure this.
In the meantime clergy have been given permission to re-enter buildings to livestream worship and I would hope to
do this from Sunday 17th May. It has also been mentioned that it may be possible for buildings being available for private prayer before 4th July – this would bring issues of its own particularly the monitoring of the building and necessary cleaning that would have to be carried out.
I will continue to keep you informed as and when further updates are available.
In the meantime, as a rugby coach friend of mine would often say….KEEP THE FAITH.
With every blessing +

Rev Ian.