At various times throughout the year Di Hornsby organises a fundraising ‘squares’ activity. Easter is one of those times and the draw was due to be made this Sunday. Sadly of course the church and hall are out of action and off limits to everyone – except me😁, so this morning I made the draw. The results are below.
Di also makes rum butter to raise funds and again Easter is a time when this happens. We will have up to 36 portions available, priced £1.50 each. If you would like to order some please get in touch. Thank you.
As Tesco say ‘every little helps’

Easter draw result – I will be in touch with winners to let them know I will be dropping prizes on doorsteps when out and about over the next few days

1st no 87 Susan Shepherd (Hamper)
2nd no 95 Bill Allan ( M&S voucher)
3rd no 7 Hilary Cox (Prosecco)
4th no136 Maureen Hodgson (chocolates)
5th no 145 Michael Shepherd (Egg)
6th no 152 Olive Kewley (Rabbit)
7th no 56 Barbara Thompson (knitted Easter scene)
8th no 42 Yvonne Rumney (lamb)
9th no 127 Derek Williamson (Rum Butter)

By out and about I mean when out to check church buildings, funerals, shopping trips or exercise – I’m not out and about otherwise 😁

Rev Ian